android – could not find wglGetExtensionsStringARB

android – could not find wglGetExtensionsStringARB

  1. Go to AVD Manager.
  2. Edit Virtual Device you create (for example: Nexus_5_API_24 ).
  3. Click Advance Settings button.
  4. In Emulated Performance row change Graphics to Software GLES 2.0
  5. In Memory row change RAM field to 512.
  6. finish.

perhaps it will solve your problem such in my case.


I experienced the same issue on Windows 10.1. To fix:

  1. Update your system display drivers.
  2. Restart computer.
  3. Retry emulator.

android – could not find wglGetExtensionsStringARB

Experiencing this issue in 2020 and successfully resolved it, hope this helps someone to avoid hours of struggling.

Such error MIGHT also occur when the GPU acceleration is somehow disabled on your device.

In my case, in windows, it was active, although I had two monitors linked to my pc through a USB-C DELL all in one adapter.

Because of the adapter, the GPU acceleration was disabled by default (for unknown reasons), so a good debug step to understand if thats the issue is to simply detach the USB-C docking station / adapter (if any monitor is linked to it) and to run the emulator. If the emulator runs, the issue is that the GPU acceleration is not working as intended.

I wasnt able to solve the issue WITH the adapter yet (my drivers are up to date already for my NVidia), but I managed to open an issue.

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