c# – Connection string error – Sql Express

c# – Connection string error – Sql Express

The top one is for a SQL data file connect thats located here: C:UsersWorkDocumentsVisual Studio 2015ProjectsMyTestMyTestDatabase.mdf

connectionString = Data Source=(LocalDB)MSSQLLocalDB;AttachDbFilename=C:UsersWorkDocumentsVisual Studio 2015ProjectsMyTestMyTestDatabase.mdf;Integrated Security=True;Connect Timeout=30;

The second is to a local database. Make sure the name of the sever localhost is correct. Also I noticed in your database name you have Databasen is this correct spelling. Check user name and password too.

connectionString = Data Source=localhost\SQLExpress;Initial Catalog=Databasen;User ID=admin;Password=password;

Please explain what you are doing when you say

But when inserting this string path in my button in Form1, and press button, an error appears – couldnt open connectionSystem.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904)

You should never put the connection string in your user interface.

If you need to know how to connect through code we can show you.

c# – Connection string error – Sql Express

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