Can I write italics to the Python shell?

Can I write italics to the Python shell?

In Python 2 or 3 if your console supports italics, e.g. rxvt-unicode you can precede your Italic text with the ansi escape code for italics x1B[3m, and then append it with x1B[0m for reset/normal to return to normal characters.

>>> print(Normal text x1B[3mitalic textx1B[0m normal text)


Not in the standard Python shell, no. If you want all output text to be in italics, you could use some GUI shell like Dreampie. If you want the ability to actually style text (with italics, bold, etc.), you need to use some GUI library that provides that sort of ability.

Can I write italics to the Python shell?

No. The print function outputs to sys.stdout by default. Assuming youre using something like IDLE, this will simply be echoed into IDLE. You can set some options in IDLE itself to show different font faces and sizes and whatnot, but this will modify everything, not just the output of print commands.

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