Eclipse 3.8: where is the download site?

Eclipse 3.8: where is the download site?

Eclipse 3.8 and 4.2 were released concurrently as part of the Juno release, but the compilations for various developer types are only available based on version 4.2.

To use Eclipse 3.8, you will need to download the basic platform and install the plugins you need from Eclipse Marketplace or the Juno repository.

Surf to here and download the one labeled Eclipse SDK:

Juno repository:

Official Eclipse Project 3.x Stream Downloads page

This has links to 3.8.1 release, and the 3.8 maintenance build.. If you want to link anywhere to 3.8, this is probably the best place.

Note that 3.8 is not a full packaged release — its just the core. Features & plugins can be added from within the IDE, to replicate functionality of the Java EE/ PHP/ C++ etc packaged distributions.

3.8 is of particular interest to those (like myself) who are downgrading from 4.2 Juno due to the serious performance problems in that release. These seem to affect XML editors, PHP, switching, opening & closing editors — turning the instant performance of previous Eclipse versions into endless 3-5 second waits.

Indigo 3.7 is the last packaged release available. 3.8 may offer advantages in fixing several Indigo bugs & having Java 7 support.

Eclipse 3.8: where is the download site?

A link to the recently released 3.8.2:

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