elm – Comparing strings to search string?

elm – Comparing strings to search string?

You could build a function that assigns a weight to each item in the list, then sort by that. You could create a function with signature:

assignWeight : String -> String -> (Int, String)
assignWeight typed listItem = ...

This function could then assign a numeric value and return it as the first item of the tuple, with the original value as the second item in the tuple.

Then you just have to build your weighting algorithm, and those rules will have to be decided by your requirements.

For example, you could assign an exact match 100. You could assign partial matches some value that depends on how much of the typed string matches, and how many characters are actually matched. You could use the Regex library for all these scenarios, building up partial regexes with the escape function.

For example, an exact match Regex could be defined as:

exactMatcher typed =
  caseInsensitive <| regex <| ^ ++ escape typed ++ $

Whereas a partial match could be:

partialMatcher =
  caseInsensitive << regex << escape

When you use the partialMatcher regex, you could use the returned Match index value to determine how deep into the string the match occurs.

You could even do partial matches on each variation of the typed input (e.g. bul, bu, and b), and factor that into your weighting score.

At the end of the day, you can use List.sortBy and fst to use your sorting algorithm:

List.sortBy (fst << assignWeight bu) pokemon

elm – Comparing strings to search string?

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