file io – Python – str object has no attribute close

file io – Python – str object has no attribute close

file_content is a string variable, which contains contents of the file — it has no relation to the file. The file descriptor you open with open(from_file) will be closed automatically: file sessions are closed after the file-objects exit the scope (in this case, immediately after .read()).

open(...) returns a reference to a file object, calling read on that reads the file returning a string object, calling write writes to it returning None, neither of which have a close attribute.

>>> help(open)
Help on built-in function open in module __builtin__:

    open(name[, mode[, buffering]]) -> file object

    Open a file using the file() type, returns a file object.  This is the
    preferred way to open a file.

>>> a = open(a, w)
>>> help(
    read([size]) -> read at most size bytes, returned as a string.

    If the size argument is negative or omitted, read until EOF is reached.
    Notice that when in non-blocking mode, less data than what was requested
    may be returned, even if no size parameter was given.
>>> help(a.write)
Help on built-in function write:

    write(str) -> None.  Write string str to file.

    Note that due to buffering, flush() or close() may be needed before
    the file on disk reflects the data written.

Theres a couple ways of remedying this:

>>> file = open(from_file)
>>> content =
>>> file.close()

or with python >= 2.5

>>> with open(from_file) as f:
...     content =

The with will make sure the file is closed.

file io – Python – str object has no attribute close

When you do file_content = open(from_file).read(), you set file_content to the contents of the file (as read by read). You cant close this string. You need to save the file object separately from its contents, something like:

theFile = open(from_file)
file_content =
# do whatever you need to do

You have a similar problem with new_file. You should separate the open(to_file) call from the write.

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