flutter – How to build release version of windows app?

flutter – How to build release version of windows app?

For more details go to https://flutter.dev/desktop

  • The executable can be found in your project under
    buildwindowsrunner<build mode>. In addition to that executable,
    you need the following:

From the same directory:
all the .dll files
the data directory
The Visual C++ redistributable
You can use any of the methods shown in the deployment example walkthroughs on the Microsoft site.
If you use the application-local option, you need to copy:
Place the DLL files in a directory next to the executable and the other DLLs, and bundle them together in a zip file.

Flutter 2.10 arrives with stable support for building Windows app.

You can use flutter build windows and it will do the build for you.
Make sure to install Desktop development with C++.


The build .exe file can be found on ...projectNamebuildwindowsrunnerRelease

You can use msix package for build. To build using msix you need to enable developer mode on Windows.

Type start ms-settings:developers and it will open the setting and enable it.


Open Command prompt (as Administrator if you needed) and navigate to your project directory and type these command

  • flutter build windows
  • flutter pub run msix:create

You will get an .msix app that will install the usual way windows does.


You can also configuring your installer.

flutter – How to build release version of windows app?

So I found the release build in this folder after executing flutter build windows :-


Here windowsapp is the main app directory

Note – For further distribution youll need to zip the content present
inside the Release folder and distribute the same zipped file.

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