Graph Database in Java (other than Neo4J)

Graph Database in Java (other than Neo4J)

OrientDB (old link) appears to support graph storage in much the same was as Neo4j

As RobV said, if your graphs can be represented in just about any custom format such as RDF or DOT language, youre in luck! Heres various options you have:

  • RDF: Jena – Considered to be the de facto implementation of RDF for Java, however it has its oddities such as heavy usage of Iterators.
  • RDF: Protégé – If you dont use Jena (and even if you would) but would like to use RDF, Protégé is the tool for you. Its basically a really well done ontology editor which makes handling the graph data a breeze. It also uses a plugin hierarchy similar to Eclipse and theres loads of plugins available so you can plugin stuff like OWL ontologies easily.
  • DOT: GraphViz – Another very popular tool, GraphViz can generate graphs from DOT language. Very powerful, a bit tricky to learn but also potentially all you need.

Of course if it fits your companys profile, you could develop your own and start selling it as a product.

Graph Database in Java (other than Neo4J)

Wikipedia lists some other alternatives:

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