How do I create a Python namespace (argparse.parse_args value)?

How do I create a Python namespace (argparse.parse_args value)?

You can create a simple class:

class Namespace:
    def __init__(self, **kwargs):

and itll work the exact same way as the argparse Namespace class when it comes to attributes:

>>> args = Namespace(a=1, b=c)
>>> args.a
>>> args.b

Alternatively, just import the class; it is available from the argparse module:

from argparse import Namespace

args = Namespace(a=1, b=c)

As of Python 3.3, there is also types.SimpleNamespace, which essentially does the same thing:

>>> from types import SimpleNamespace
>>> args = SimpleNamespace(a=1, b=c)
>>> args.a
>>> args.b

The two types are distinct; SimpleNamespace is primarily used for the sys.implementation attribute and the return value of time.get_clock_info().

Further comparisons:

  • Both classes support equality testing; for two instances of the same class, instance_a == instance_b is true if they have the same attributes with the same values.
  • Both classes have a helpful __repr__ to show what attributes they have.
  • Namespace() objects support containment testing; attrname in instance is true if the namespace instance has an attribute namend attrname. SimpleNamespace does not.
  • Namespace() objects have an undocumented ._get_kwargs() method that returns a sorted list of (name, value) attributes for that instance. You can get the same for either class using sorted(vars(instance).items()).
  • While SimpleNamespace() is implemented in C and Namespace() is implemented in Python, attribute access is no faster because both use the same __dict__ storage for the attributes. Equality testing and producing the representation are a little faster for SimpleNamespace() instances.

It is now recommended to use SimpleNamespace from the types module. It does the same thing as the accepted answer except for it will be faster and have a few more builtins such as equals and repr.

from types import SimpleNamespace

sn = SimpleNamespace()
sn.a = test

# output

How do I create a Python namespace (argparse.parse_args value)?

argparse documentation show various examples of what youre trying to do:

import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.parse_args([-a 12])
>>> Namespace(a= 12)

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