How do I run powershell scripts without admin rights?

How do I run powershell scripts without admin rights?

If your domain administrator hasnt forbidden it, you can do this:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope CurrentUser

This changes the default execution policy for PowerShell sessions run under the current user, rather than setting it for all users on the machine.

If you instead want to change the execution policy for just the current PowerShell session, you can use this command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process

However, if your domain administrator is using the Turn on Script Execution group policy, you will not be able to change your execution policy at all. The group policy setting makes the Set-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet ineffective.

You can try and set the policy of the process itself.

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy bypass

How do I run powershell scripts without admin rights?

if you want to have an easy way to run a script myscript.ps1 from the windows shell then all you need is a bat Runmyscript.bat with the following contents:

type myscript.ps1 | powershell -

So simple it makes me wonder why you cant just run the ps1 in the first place, but there we go.

A generic version that prompts for userinput to type the name of the script would be:

set /p filename=Type name of script here: 
type %filename% | powershell -

I suppose if you wanted to, you could also write a generic vbscript script that opens any file in powershell using a dialogue box using this

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