How do you create a timer in Python 2.7?

How do you create a timer in Python 2.7?

import threading

bonuses_count = 0

def count_bonuses():
    global bonuses_count
    # paddle = count(paddle) # something your logic part here
    bonuses_count += 20
    print counting bonuses :- , (bonuses_count) 
    t = threading.Timer(20.0, count_bonuses).start()

t = threading.Timer(20.0, count_bonuses)

Well i dont know your logic of counting bonuses but i think you can acheive 20 seconds timer by creating a thread which will executing after every 20 seconds.

Here i have created function count_bonuses that will contain your game logic and get executed after every 20 seconds.

You can create your own stopflag if you want to stop this thread or create an KeyboardInterrupt to stop the thread with keyboard intruption based on your gamming logic.

counting bonuses :-  20
counting bonuses :-  40
counting bonuses :-  60
counting bonuses :-  80

Try this.

import mx.DateTime as mt
import time
def settime():
        if (int((tt-st).seconds)==20):
            print level up
        elif (int((tt-st).seconds)>20):
            print logic error
            print int((tt-st).seconds)

How do you create a timer in Python 2.7?

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