ios – Is Apple Push notification using APNS free of cost?

ios – Is Apple Push notification using APNS free of cost?

Apple does not charge a separate fee for utilizing the push notification service.

Your only cost is a server that will be sending the push notifications to Apple. There are third-parties that provide this servers and there is a fee for that.

Answer for your question 1,2 and 3 is: Apple doesnt charge you for APNS – but you have to maintain a server for pushing.

Try these third parties for pushing,

It can send 250 million push messages / hour
and PushWizard is free for unlimited devices, while other services can be very expensive if you have more, than 1 million users to reach at least ONCE per month.

  • Monopush, which provides a RESTful API and a lot of free push alerts up-front to handle the server infrastructure for you.

You need just copy and paste a few line codes to inside of your application and then magic will be started. After that you can start to watch, analyze, categorize your clients and you can send push messages to them as well as resource messages.

ios – Is Apple Push notification using APNS free of cost?

As mentioned above, Apple does not charge for the APNS
However, you need to maintain a 3rd party server for that, and sending notifications to millions of devices would require a lot of work from you.
There are some very good industrial solutions for iOS push notifications service that use APNS:

  • PushApps – free for 1M notifications per month, and unlimited notifications for 19.99 per month – here is the documentation
  • Urban Airship – free up to 1M notifications per month, afterwards you are charged per 1000 notifications
  • PushWoosh – free for 1M devices, premium plans are from 39 EURO

Diclaimer – I work in PushApps and also use their product in my applications for over a year now.

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