json – How do I do a partial match in Elasticsearch?

json – How do I do a partial match in Elasticsearch?

The point is that the ElasticSearch regex you are using requires a full string match:

Lucene’s patterns are always anchored. The pattern provided must match the entire string.

Thus, to match any character (but a newline), you can use .* pattern:

match: { text: .*google.*}
                ^^      ^^

In ES6+, use regexp insted of match:

query: {
   regexp: { text: .*google.*} 

One more variation is for cases when your string can have newlines: match: { text: (.|n)*google(.|n)*}. This awful (.|n)* is a must in ElasticSearch because this regex flavor does not allow any [sS] workarounds, nor any DOTALL/Singleline flags. The Lucene regular expression engine is not Perl-compatible but supports a smaller range of operators.

However, if you do not plan to match any complicated patterns and need no word boundary checking, regex search for a mere substring is better performed with a mere wildcard search:

    query: {
        wildcard: {
            text: {
                value: *google*,
                boost: 1.0,
                rewrite: constant_score

See Wildcard search for more details.

NOTE: The wildcard pattern also needs to match the whole input string, thus

  • google* finds all strings starting with google
  • *google* finds all strings containing google
  • *google finds all strings ending with google

Also, bear in mind the only pair of special characters in wildcard patterns:

?, which matches any single character
*, which can match zero or more characters, including an empty one

use wildcard query:

{query:{ wildcard: { text.keyword : *google* }}}

json – How do I do a partial match in Elasticsearch?

For both partial and full text matching ,the following worked

query : {
    query_string : {
      query : *searchText*,
      fields : [

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