macos – What Does the python -v Command Do

macos – What Does the python -v Command Do

You didnt do anything wrong. From the man page for Python (accessed by man python):

   -v     Print  a  message each time a module is initialized, showing the
          place (filename or built-in module) from  which  it  is  loaded.
          When  given twice, print a message for each file that is checked
          for when searching for a module.  Also provides  information  on
          module cleanup at exit.

   -V ,  --version
          Prints  the  Python  version number of the executable and exits.
          When given twice, print more information about the build.

Think of the lowercase -v as verbose—its useful for debugging modules. The modules you listed are all from the standard library.

This will show you the way your modules are loading for debugging reasons. (in this case it is just the base modules)


macos – What Does the python -v Command Do

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