python – Capture stdout from a script?

python – Capture stdout from a script?

For future visitors: Python 3.4 contextlib provides for this directly (see Python contextlib help) via the redirect_stdout context manager:

from contextlib import redirect_stdout
import io

f = io.StringIO()
with redirect_stdout(f):
s = f.getvalue()

Setting stdout is a reasonable way to do it. Another is to run it as another process:

import subprocess

proc = subprocess.Popen([python, -c, import writer; writer.write()], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
out = proc.communicate()[0]
print out.upper()

python – Capture stdout from a script?

Here is a context manager version of your code. It yields a list of two values; the first is stdout, the second is stderr.

import contextlib
def capture():
    import sys
    from cStringIO import StringIO
    oldout,olderr = sys.stdout, sys.stderr
        out=[StringIO(), StringIO()]
        sys.stdout,sys.stderr = out
        yield out
        sys.stdout,sys.stderr = oldout, olderr
        out[0] = out[0].getvalue()
        out[1] = out[1].getvalue()

with capture() as out:
    print hi

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