python – dlib installation on Windows 10

python – dlib installation on Windows 10

Install Dlib from .whl

Dlib 19.7.0

pip install

You can test it, downloading an example from the site, for example and running it on your machine.

Note: if this message occurs you have to build dlib from source:

dlib-19.7.0-cp36-cp36m-win_amd64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform

Install Dlib from source (If the solution above doesnt work)##

Windows Dlib > 19.7.0

  1. Download the CMake installer and install it:

  2. Add CMake executable path to the Enviroment Variables:

    set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program FilesCMakebin

    note: The path of the executable could be different from C:Program FilesCMakebin, just set the PATH accordingly.

    note: The path will be set temporarily, to make the change permanent you have to set it in the “Advanced system settings” → “Environment Variables” tab.

  3. Restart The Cmd or PowerShell window for changes to take effect.

  4. Download the Dlib source(.tar.gz) from the Python Package Index : extract it and enter into the folder.

  5. Check the Python version: python -V. This is my output: Python 3.7.2 so Im installing it for Python3.x and not for Python2.x

note: You can install it for both Python 2 and Python 3, if you have set different variables for different binaries i.e: python2 -V, python3 -V

NOTE: Make sure to open the PowerShell as admin, and youre inside the dlib directory before proceeding to step 6

  1. Run the installation: python install

Linux Dlib 19.17.0

sudo apt-get install cmake


tar -xvzf dlib-19.17.0.tar.gz

cd dlib-19.17.0/

sudo python3 install

note: To install Dlib for Python 2.x use python instead of python3 you can check your python version via python -V

Follow these steps:

  • pip install cmake
  • Install Visual Studio build tools from here.
  • In Visual Studio 2017 go to the Individual Components tab, Visual C++ Tools for
    Cmake, and check the checkbox under the Compilers, build tools and runtimes section.
  • pip install dlib

python – dlib installation on Windows 10

Effective till now(2020).

pip install cmake
conda install -c conda-forge dlib

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