python – Installing Pylab/Matplotlib

python – Installing Pylab/Matplotlib

If Anaconda installed and it is already in your environment path, you can get it simply using

conda install matplotlib

in command line and then call in Python with

from pylab import *

This work for me fine as pip install and easy_install both on Win and Linux caused a lot of issues

Installing packages on *nix is easy using pip. Pip allows you to easily install packages from the Python Package Index (PyPI) with a simple pip install matplotlib. This should install all dependencies, but if it does not then you can install them manually (for instance pip install python-dateutil).

Using pip with Windows is possible though slightly more difficult for packages that require compilers and such. However, installing Python programs on Windows is simple if you use these Windows binaries provided by Christoph Gohlke.

The particular ones for matplotlib can be found here. Note that you can also find similar binaries for python-dateutil, six, etc if necessary.

*As an aside: I would strongly suggest you look into using the full matplotlib.pyplot API rather than pylab. Its much more powerful and useful, but this is just some aside advice 🙂 *

python – Installing Pylab/Matplotlib

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