python – Strange error about invalid syntax

python – Strange error about invalid syntax

I had the same problem. Here was my code:

def gccontent(genomefile):
    nbases = 0
    totalbases = 0
    GC = 0
    for line in genomefile.xreadlines():
        nbases += count(seq, N)
        totalbases += len(line)
        GC += count(line, G or C)
    gcpercent = (float(GC)/(totalbases - nbases)*100
    return gcpercent

returnwas invalid syntax

I simply failed to close the bracket on the following code:

gcpercent = (float(GC)/(totalbases - nbases)*100

Hope this helps.

Getting invalid syntax on a plain return statement is pretty much impossible. If you use it outside of a function, you get return outside function, if you have the wrong indentation you get IndentationError, etc.

The only way I can get a SyntaxError: invalid syntax on a return statement, is if in fact it doesnt say return at all, but if it contains non-ascii characters, such as retürn. That give this error. Now, how can you have that error without seeing it? Again, the only idea I can come up with is that you in fact have indentation, but that this indentation is not spaces or tabs. You can for example have somehow inserted a non-breaking space in your code.

Yes, this can happen. Yes, I have had that happen to me. Yes, you get SyntaxError: invalid syntax.

python – Strange error about invalid syntax

I got an Invalid Syntax on return when I forgot to close the bracket on my code.

elif year1==year2 and month1 != month2:
    total_days = (30-day1)+(day2)+((month2-(month1+1))*30   
    return (total_days)    

Invalid syntax on return.

((month2-(month1+1))*30  <---- there should be another bracket


Now my code works.

They should improve python to tell you if you forgot to close your brackets instead of having an invalid syntax on return.

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