reference – ANSI SQL Manual

reference – ANSI SQL Manual

Heres the ‘Second Informal Review Draft’ of SQL:1992, which seems to have been accurate enough for everything Ive looked up. 1992 covers most of the stuff routinely used across DBMSs.

SQL isnt like C or Java, where there is a standard for the language, and then a number of companies and organizations are implementing the language as best they can, following the standard.

Instead, the major databases came before the SQL standard, and the standard is a sort of compromise where every database vendor wanted to get their particular dialect and features in the standard.

Therefore, there is much more variety between databases than between typical programming language compilers, and to use a database, you really need to know that particular SQL dialect.

Having said that, Ive got Gultzan and Peltzers SQL-99 Complete, Really here in my bookshelf. It is a good book if you need to know what the standard really contains. (And yes, there is a newer version since SQL-99, but noone seems to care.)

EDIT: Actually, there is not just one newer version since SQL-99, but three: SQL:2003, SQL:2006, and SQL:2008. And still noone seems to care. Actually, many dont even care about SQL-99, so SQL-92 is still, in a way, the standard.

reference – ANSI SQL Manual

ANSI documents can all be purchased from — you guessed it — ANSI.

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