Remove Render Blocking Javascript

Remove Render Blocking Javascript

If youve written your page to be dependent on using jquery on load, removing it would mean youd have to re-write a lot of your code, to save, perhaps 10 milliseconds in load time?

Open your browsers debugger, look at the NETWORK tab and reload the page. You should be able to decide whether this suggested optimization is worth it or not (Im suggesting it is not).

I was having a similar issue with Javascript. Make sure that in your code after your source your java that you put a type=text/js. Like this:
<script src= type=text/js></script>

Otherwise you need to go into your server and make adjustments to your htcaccess file.

Remove Render Blocking Javascript

Heloo Nazmul, may be you should to edit your question to How to Remove default JS and CSS that make Render Blocking Javascript in Blogger? may be so long but I think your problem is it.
Follow my step with :

  1. change <head> to &lt;head&gt;
  2. If your Internet Service Provider give some bloking JS and CSS add <!-- </head> --> before </head>
  3. Change </head> to &lt;!--<head/>--&gt;
  4. add <!-- </body></html> --> before </body></html>

It is about DOM get work, I will give you example my blank blogger template if you still headache.

<?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8 ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns= xmlns_b= xmlns_data= xmlns_expr=>
        <meta charset=utf-8/>
    <!-- </head> -->
        <b:section class=header id=header showaddelement=yes/>
        <a href=><h1 style=color:blue;font-family: monospace></h1></a>
        <b:section class=main id=main showaddelement=yes/>
        <b:section class=footer id=footer showaddelement=yes/>
    <!-- </body></html> -->  

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