Run dockerd.exe to start Docker daemon

Run dockerd.exe to start Docker daemon

Download docker.exe (cli) and dockerd.exe (service) to a local folder. Add the folder to path. Add the folder to $PATH, in environment variables. in the example below C:Docker

Create a new user group under Edit local users and group. Name is docker-users or update the Json file below. Add anyone who needs to run docker to this group.

Create a new config file daemon.json

                group: docker-users,

Run this in powershell as administrator

New-Service -Name Docker -BinaryPathName C:dockerdockerd.exe  --run-service --config-file C:dockerdaemon.json -DisplayName Docker Engine -StartupType Automatic

Bonus: Older Docker-compose cli is available here,

NOTE: I had some issues with the service starting up automatically after reboot.

Admin access is needed to run Docker Service

Run dockerd.exe to start Docker daemon

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