strncmp in python

strncmp in python

Yes. You can do: if a in b: That will check if a is a substring anywhere in b.


if foo in foobar:
    print True

if foo in barfoo:
    print True

From your post, it appears you want to only look at the start of the strings. In that case, you can use the .startswith method:

if foobar.startswith(foo):
    print it does!

Similarly, you can do the same thing with endswith:

if foobar.endswith(bar):
    print Yes sir :)

finally, maybe the most literal translation of strncmp would be to use slicing and ==:

if a[:n] == b[:n]:
    print strncmp success!

Python also has many facilities for dealing with path names in the os.path module. Its worth investigating what is in there. There are some pretty neat functions.

Youre probably looking for os.path.commonprefix.

for example: os.path.commonprefix([/tmp/,/tmp/file.txt]) will return /tmp/

so you should check for len(os.path.commonprefix([s1,s2])) > 0

Check out docs here:

strncmp in python

You can test that by

S2[:len(S1)] == S1

or even simpler:


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