What does relational in relational database mean for us?

What does relational in relational database mean for us?

If you want to learn about what relational means, I recommend the book SQL and Relational Theory by C. J. Date.

Relational in this context doesnt refer to relationships. It refers to relations which are basically what tables are called in the mathematical theories that led to the relational model.

The reason that relational databases have become ubiquitous is that they are the most general-purpose solution for organizing data with minimum redundancy.

There are valid reasons to use non-relational solutions. They often solve specific tasks of data-management extremely well, but are weak in other areas. Whereas SQL and relational databases strike a compromise, solving a larger set of problems adequately, with fewer areas of weakness.

Other technologies currently available that are not based on the relational model are listed in The Next-Gen Databases.

Im confused by your question. How else to you propose you keep track of how various tables relate to each other?

for example, I have a list of cars, and a list of people, and I need to connect which person owns each car, so I have a car_ID column in the person database. How would propose keeping track of these relations

Also, you say that you want to cache all queries are bottlenecks and you only want to cache simple queries. However, Im 90% sure that making multiple small queries will be more resource intensive than making several smaller queries. you also dont have to cache every combination, only the ones that actually exist. in my example, whats wrong with a query like this?

SELECT person.*, car.* from person left join on car where person.car_ID = car.ID

What does relational in relational database mean for us?

Relational Databases have become the de-facto database for a number of reasons.

  1. Setting up primary, foreign and unique constraints enforces certain business rules at the lowest levels, helps ensure data integrety, and makes the database relationships easily understandable to just about any level of IT professional.

  2. A properly designed relational database is in fact faster behind the scenes for many process (not all).

  3. The querying of relational database is fairly quick to learn, and easy to do.

  4. Relational databases help limit data duplication, and from a data engineering standpoint, that is a wonderful thing.

and many others, but these are a few.

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